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decide: true or false?

I am at a convention with all sorts of stars. Dolly is there. I have a special ticket that i won from the radio station to see her first. So i go up to her, hand her the tiocket and ask nervously, "Can i sing oyu some songs that i thought of about you?"
"Sure!"She says. So i begin to sing in the tune of God Bless teh Usa,
"And I'm proud to be a dolly fan,
Cause shes my favorite gal.
And i wont forget the songs she wrote
Cause they are so great
And i'll gladly stand up,
Next to her and beher biggest fan
And there aint not doubt i love that gal!
God bless Dolly!"
She laughs and claps her hands. then i begin to sing,
"Dolly, Dolly, i love you
youre the bestest girl in town
Everybody loves her smile, and your music too.
Dolly dolly please respond
to this little song i sing
i truly think that youre the best,
thats why i sing this song for you."
She claps again and laughs and tells me how much he apprieciated it. Then we talked and i got her phone number!
So what do you think? Is what i said about this famous diva true, or false?
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